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Email Header is information is usually hidden by your email client, ie Outlook. This information is essential for diagnose any issue you may faced.
To retrieve the header will depend on which email client you are using.

Outlook 2013 & 2010

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Open the email as a new Windows by double click on it
  3. Click the 'File' menu then select 'Info'.
  4. Click the 'Properties' button.
  5. The Properties Windows screen will open
    • The full headers will be displayed in the 'Internet headers' box, located below the Windows
    • Right click within the Internet Headers box and choose 'Select All'
    • Right click again and select 'Copy'

Mac Mail

  1. Start Mac Mail and open the message
    • From the 'View' menu in the tool bar select 'Message'
    • Then select 'All Headers'
  2. Your email headers will be expanded to show your headers
    • Using your mouse, select all the header text and copy it

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