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There is a one-time fee for us to restore the backup for your account.
In the event that we cannot recover the requested data, there will be no charge and the amount will be credited back to your account.

1. Restore/Retrieve backup within 7 days = SGD60/USD45

2. Restore/Retrieve backup for every additional month (subject to availability) = SGD60/USD45 per month
Example: July requested to Restore/Retrieve backup service. June backup is SGD60/USD45. May backup is SGD120/USD90.

3. Restore/Retrieve backup after hosting service is terminated (subject to availability) = Item 2 + additional SGD100/USD70

The modest charge for backup restoration provides a measure of security for you and compensates us for the time it takes to keep and/or restore your files.
*Remark: Any backup greater than monthly cycle is subject to availability

If your account or data is lost due to hardware issues we will restore your files at no additional charge. The data on our shared servers are backed up on a separate hard drive on a weekly basis (1 copy). We cannot ensure 100% recovery, but we will do our best to recover everything we can.

Should the backup is to retrieve for external server restore, there will be no refund.

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