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Whenever you create an e-mail account, you will have the option to specify the mailbox quota. The mailbox quota is the amount of disk space taken from within your hosting package and allocated to the e-mail account.

There are two options available for mailbox quotas:

  • The first allows you to specify a limit on the mailbox size (e.g.: 300MB). This option is recommended. You will receive alerts when the quota reaches above 80% usage. This allows you to take further actions; either archive emails or increase the quota further when there is available disk space quota for your hosting package.
  • The second option (Unlimited) means that the mailbox size will only be restricted by the total amount of free disk space available to your hosting package. This option is Not recommended because when it used up total free space quota for your hosting package, all your emails and even website will not able to function properly.

You can adjust the quota for your mailboxes via the Client Area as well as through cPanel.

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